Pastor Afi Sovi affectionally called by her followers TATA FAITH is one of those who humbly submitted to the will of God .She resigned from her job as a Direct Care Counselor and embraced the call of God upon her life full time.She is the the President and the Founder of Jesus Is The Name Ministries (JITN),a 501c3 Christian based non profit organization based in New York.She is born in a small village in Togo West Africa from a father who abandoned her at birth .According to the father ,girls don't have any future.Despite the fathers abandonment God had a perfect plan for her life .During her elementary schools she always felt sick around examination seasons ,which is the work of the devil to stop her from fulfilling her destiny .

To confirm the call ,many lives have been transformed through her around the globe. We have seen barren women conceived,jobless people get jobs ,families restored just to mention a few.To reach many people with the gospel of Jesus Christ , Tata Faith created a conference call where people from all nations joined together for thunderous prayer time and empowerment Some years later she and her husband Kwasi Evu created an online Christian radio called JITNRADIO which has an impact in the lives of its listeners around the world .Pastor Faith has the passion to help the poor,the orphans and the widows."My passion is to put a smile on their faces "she always said .In November 2014 JITN WORLD MISSIONS is launched with his husband to bring the good news to people from all walk of life ,meet their critical needs and empower them to lift themselves,their families and their communities out of poverty .She and her husband are blessed with 3 beautiful children Rock,Winner and Kenny .

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